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Swiping and thinking are the two main components of the mobile game BlockSwipe.
A puzzler where you slide your player horizontally and vertically into various blocks that will stop your
movement and thus open a new path for you to slide, ultimately taking you to the goal. Obviously it
is not only that easy, this game will challenge your mind and foresight as the levels get increasingly harder
with a new type of block being introduced with every new planet.
Every planet includes 25 levels each, that can be completed in a variety of ways. The goal is to collect the
three stars placed around on the field. The Planets are as follows:

  • Natura – This is the first planet, with wall (neutral) blocks only and enemies such as spike blocks.
  • Frigas – The Winter planet. Ice blocks are introduced here, slam into it once, and it breaks, second time it vanishes.
  • Warp – Here, the warps (portals) are introduced. Going into it will push you out of the other warp in the same direction
  • Moltar – Fiery and hot. Flame blocks are introduced. Touching it will cause you to burn – touching the ice block will cool you down again.
  • Humana – Touching the switch block will switch the already placed blocks into thin air, and vice versa.
  • Void – You will be greatly tested here as the levels are very difficult with all sorts of blocks in a planet of void.


Achievements are implemented into the game, which allows the player to complete
various tasks in order to receive the badge. This includes getting 45 stars without losing
once, or completing all levels. Pressing the Trophy button in the planet select screen will bring up the achievements screen.
To see the progress made so far, going into the settings will show you the statistics (i.e how many swipes or how many levels cleared).

If you have any questions about the game, be sure to email us at support(at) and be sure to try out the game!

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