gravitized_iconThis is one of the hardest games you will ever play, this is not for the weak one.

Gravitized is an intense arcade-styled highscore game where your reflexes and spatial intelligence will be put to the ultimate test.

Jump right into the action and survive as long as possible!

DID YOU KNOW that similar applications is used by militaries allover the world to test fighter pilots’ abilities in action?

It takes time to be the best, don’t quit just yet!


-Bullet time: Interpolate the game speed by half and plan your moves carefully!Untitled-1
-Shield: Give yourself a second chance! The shield protects you from hostility.. Like a baws!
-Bomb: Destroy all potential enemies with a shockwave larger than the game itself!
-Addictive play style… You will be amazed by how far you’re ready to go to beat that highscore. It’s rectangular shaped insanity!
-Community decision: Give us your personal input on how to make this game even more addictive! The least we can do is to listen!

Game logics.’

This game is based on gravity, in a dimension where gravity constantly switches and you try not to get hit by the various things that floated into this very dimension.

Catch the power-ups to get a helping hand and for you to survive for a couple of more seconds before the meteor hits you.

Beat the space keepers record and climb further into the black hole.

Enjoy the music which only the skilled will achieve after 30 seconds in space.

Enter GOD MODE at one hundred seconds in space only time will tell what it means.



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