Kitty Dash is our biggest project yet, we focus a lot on highscore and a pleasant gaming flow.

Kitty is a small cat from the suburb who lives in a trashcan. One day Kitty saw a ball of light glowing on top of a roof, so she climbed up to catch it, and the journey for Kitty begins.

Earn achievements to unlock treasures and dress Kitty in all sorts of outfits, run over the billboards and dash the ugly dog statue.

Game logics,’

You play as Kitty the Cat, you are to run along the rooftops and catch as many orbs as you can, earn achievements and unlock different outfits for Kitty.

Kitty jumps to avoid the gap between the houses and billboards and Dashes through the dog statue in order to survive and catch the glowing orbs and reach the treasure’s that lies ahead.